White peonies, bouqueted with a silk bow,are tossed aside, having been discarded like time,on a gilded vanity and rest now atopsomething old. Something new is being readon the corner chaise through fogged eyes. “My dear pleasemeet me there…” scrawled hastily in smudged black ink. A quick knock- a proposal to talk,black tied and tired, her […]


in the chilled dampness of the shadowed up-room, i sat atop warped boards with you quite still.   i watched your fingers, marrow-hued and long, as they stroked framed paper faces and shook.   glass captured phantoms blurred- melted from wet. drowned by bedewed, lymphatic ink, they wept.   your same-sogged eyes moved, focusing on […]

Midnight Tableau

Embracing, two silhouetted figures danced slowly behind a sheer chartuese curtain.   Under the streetlamp, Lyla sighed listlessly- her ghostly breath momentarily blurring the scene.   The final notes of Debussy’s nocturne spilled from the second story window while Lyla continued to stare   unblinkingly, and swayed alone beneath the pale, unforgiving moon.

Family Ties

This is my sister eating a ridiculously huge slice of pizza over the summer. We went to Papalino’s for dinner with my dad and had a laugh as per usual, all the while infusing the lighthearted evening with intellectual and often times satirical observations on life, flower boxes, and the absurdness of modernity. We found […]

My Top 10 Books

As a passionate bibliophile, it was immensely difficult compiling this list of my top 10 books. What I ended up with is not the most original catalogue of favorites, but hey, the majority of these novels are universally adored for a reason. I’ve decided to omit plays, volumes of poetry, series, and books of short stories […]