Love Song for a Black Hole


I feel every vibration of every atom in your warm breath

as you sigh into my ear- a humid, ephemeral softness

which takes me away with it.

I inhale and feel the scent of charcoal and a fresh Marlboro

enter my nose and escape through my throat.


While I’m still sitting with you on the bed,

I feel the laugh of the girl in the pink house down the street

and a pulsing star seven galaxies away,

desperately holding onto its last bit of life.

One day that will be us.


And I’m going to miss you, you know.

Whenever we’re gone,

and you’re a black hole,

and I’m a particle of dust on some particle of a planet,

I’ll still miss you.


I’ll whizz around, trying to balance myself,

Frantically shifting charges.

But really that search for equilibrium

will be a search for you.

Somewhere light years away.


Do you think we’ll ever meet again?

I think maybe one day,

we’ll both be floating around out there,

and when we collide,

the universe will collapse



And do you know where we’ll go?

To the same lost place as your sighs and those laughs.


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